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Claims Management Services

  • Settlement Negotiations - conduct settlement negotiations directly with claimant or plaintiff's counsel to reduce legal expenses

  • Litigation Management - work with legal counsel, assureds and insurers to develop a cost effective defense plan

  • Lien Resolution - negotiate lien balances to reduce indemnity and liability exposures

  • Subrogation - identify and pursue recovery from negligent third party interests

  • Exposure analysis - evaluation of pertinent information to measure anticipated liability exposure

  • 24-Hour Service - capability to receive and assign new losses 24 hours per day to ensure prompt investigations

Safety and Loss Control Service

As part of our commitment to reduce client costs, we provide hazard analysis and training. We recognize that the best way to control costs is through prevention. Our specialized approach to hazard analysis and safety training will help you evaluate potential exposures, identify and develop solutions and/or opportunities for improvement, all while developing solutions to manage and control those costs in order to maximize profitability and decrease the likelihood of a claims occurrence.

Claims Investigation Services

  • Accident Investigation - provide photographs, diagrams and/or observations documenting the accident/injury site

  • Statements - interview the claimant, assured/ employer/employee, witnesses or other persons able to provide information relative to the accident/ injury in question

  • Medical records collection and analysis - obtain pertinent medical information to assess medical condition and relation to incident

  • Maintain active trust accounts - attend to third party administration of claims, attend to maintenance and cure claims as well as third party medical payments coverage payments and settlements of liability injury claims

  • Activity checks - conduct residence verification, spot checks and area investigations in preparation for surveillance

  • Resources - utilize ethical and professional resources such as the Marine Index Bureau, Casualty index Bureau, USCG Safety Office, surveyors, naval architects and failure analysis experts, court reporters, interpreters, polygraphers, expert witnesses, salvers, economists and others

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